Awareness & Educational Support

Type 1 Diabetes is often misunderstood and misdiagnosed. The lack of understanding as to what the disease is, how it is contracted and appropriate treatment extends beyond the general public and into the medical, nutrition and fitness communities. We are not being critical of these groups. To be fair, we had no clue prior to our son’s diagnoses. The fact is unless you have a Type 1 loved one or work in the endicronology field, you are likely uninformed.


Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease. It is not caused by eating sugar, obesity or other poor lifestyle habits. There is NO CURE and a person needs many daily doses of insulin to stay alive. Approximately 3 million Americans suffer from this disease and 80 people are diagnosed daily. When a person develops Type 1 diabetes their pancreas stops producing insulin altogether. A person with Type 2 diabetes can still produce insulin but it is working efficiently. In some cases Type 2 diabetes can be reversed through lifestyle changes. Type 1 diabetes has no cure and you need insulin to live. Either way diabetes is very complicated and diabetics are often meant to feel as if they caused this. Disease shaming is something people with diabetes experience throughout their lives.

Research Support

We will continue to give money directly to JDRF and similar organizations dedicated to finding a cure and improving the management of the disease. These organizations have made tremendous strides but much more needs to be done.

Direct Family Support

We will provide direct assistance to families without economic means to effectively manage the disease. The American Diabetes Association estimates that annual healthcare costs for diabetics are $7900 more than non-diabetics.  The brutal truth is that ineffective management of the disease leads to severe medical complications and, ultimately, lower life expectancy.

Annual College Scholarship

DT1 Charities is pleased to give scholarships to young people with Type 1 diabetes. The DT1 Scholarship program has been created to help students realize their college dreams. Today’s economy is tough enough on young people and families. Add in the need for a lifetime of good medical care and expensive medications to stay alive and it is especially challenging to save for college.

Character. Hard work. Perseverance. Love of learning. These are the attributes that the DT1 Charities Scholarship Program rewards. We invite high school seniors or college students with Type 1 diabetes who meet the eligibility requirements to apply for a DT1 Scholarship and will announce the next enrollment for applications soon.